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Tamara Eaton

There are many ways to make things beautiful, her passion just happens to be making houses into beautiful homes. 

Her love for design began as a little girl.  Growing up in a big family, she always wanted to stand out in her own unique way.  She would find creative ways to show off her own unique style.  Her career began in the corporate world as a product marketing manager for a home decor and wallpaper company. That experience ignited her passion for interior design.

Her love for people allows her to organically connect with her clients. She thoroughly pays attention to her clients’ style, personality, and visions as she strives to bring her clients' spaces to life. Tamara is currently in partnership with K&J Design Group of Atlanta as their team's Interior Designer. 

Tamara brings over 12 years of design experience to the K&J Design Group.  She is a wife, mom to three,  cheerleader to her kids sports, and Christ Follower.  She and her husband Bob, and their three children reside in Smyrna, Georgia. 


Alyssa Turner

For as long as she can remember Alyssa has always been in love with all things creative!  Growing up she was always repositioning all the furniture in the house, and giving her bedroom a fresh new look.  As an adult she has run her own photography business for the last 16 years and loves creating art for her clients!


As much as she has always loved photography, interior design has always been her true passion and being a part of the K&J design team has been a long time dream come true.  She has a natural eye for design, and is a perfectionist when it comes to detail.  She will tell you her favorite part about her job is seeing a room transform from start to finish!  


When she is not being our right hand women she is busy at home raising her five children and loving on her two adorable grandchildren!  I don’t know how she does it all but she does and always with a big smile on her face.  

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